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Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Music has been known as a great stress buster. Doctors all over the world prescribe music to relieve stress. No wonders most spa, aromatherapy centers and psychotherapists make use of music to soothe both mind and soul. Music is also used to treat patients of depression, anxiety and panic attacks as it soothes their nerves and transports them into a completely new world.

Music Music has different forms and characteristics. There is no single characteristic of good music and therefore it is called, music knows no limit. The kind of music that is preferred by one may sound noise to other. Each has an individual taste and it is possible to judge the personality of the person by their taste of music. Here are different forms of music that are heard and loved all over the world. Some of the most popular ones are:

1. Classical music: Who can forget the great Beethoven and his musical notes? Orchestral music, chamber music and operas are some of the few forms of classical music that still find a dedicated audience.

2. Rock music: Elvis Presley is known as the father of rock music in the form we love it today. Sexually oriented lyrics and loud beats are a considerable feature of rock music. With time several forms of rock like alternative, art, metal and glam rock have evolved.

3. Jazz: Jazz is a form of African traditional music. It was developed by black slaves who had to travel for employment. Different forms of jazz like New Orleans jazz, Chicago jazz, smooth jazz and Scat jazz were developed according to the location of their development.

4. Electronic music: Electronic music is composed with the help of mechanical instruments. Different forms of electronic music like House, lounge, electronica, disco and techno are popular all over the world. The reason of its popularity is that it is highly dance oriented.

5. Folk music: Folk music is the music that is indigenous to a particular culture. Lyrics and rhythm make these songs and music highly expressive.


6. R&B: R&B music is based on use of rhythms in lyrics as well as music. Funk, contemporary R&B, soul and neo soul are some of the popular R&B forms.

7. Hip hop: Hip hop and rap are two inseparable parts. This is the form of music that has something different to offer to its audience. the popular gangsta rap, the evergreen freestyle rap, psychedelic, Avant garde hip hop which is the experimental branch, ghettotech and the rave scene’s ghetto house- all forms are quite distinct from each other.

8. New age music: The type of music that was developed in the 1960’s but became popular only after 1980’s is considered as new age music. This music is spiritual, relaxing and helps one interact with his inner self.

9. Pop: Pop music is a derivative of rock and roll form of music. The most distinguishing feature of this music is that it is created with the ambition to give pleasure to the listener and the creativity and talent of the artist is not of much concern.

Music is soulful and has the ability to Gramaphone connect people across all barriers including language and culture. This is the reason that the whole world mourned on the death of the God of Pop, Michael Jackson and the Latin Shakira or the Korean PSY have their fans all over the world. MJ shows were long awaited by the fans and each concert witnessed fans more than the last concert. In fact even the PSY’s Gangnam Style was the most viewed video on You Tube in 2012. Music frenzy has caught the world by fancy since centuries. The young fans are ready to shell out hundreds just to attend a concert of their favorite music star. In fact there have been instances when the tickets are black-marketed.

The fans have to start vying for tickets several days in advance of the concert and those who get hold of tickets consider themselves to be lucky. Several concerts have been cancelled all over the world just because of over enthusiasm of fans. This is often the case with rock and metallic concerts where enthusiastic audience often goes out of control and artists find it impossible to deal with the madness.

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